Work your core and improve your balance with these fun balance board exercises!

Balance Board Tilt

It doesn't look like exercise, but it is! Start by balancing on the board, then tilt up/back, side to side, and around the world.

Balance Squat

Maintain your balance as you squat down. Only go as far as you can without losing good form!

Balance Board Plank

With your hands or forearms on the board, hold a plank. The instability makes this move even better for you!

Balance Lunges

Step one foot on the board, lunging down and up. Try not to let the edges of the board touch the floor!

This one is challenging - can you do it?

Mountain Climbers

Hold on and balance while you quickly drive those knees in to your chest!

Glute Bridges

Press up through the heels on the board and squeeze your booty. Make it harder by only using one leg!


Start on your knees to get a feel for this move, then progress to a pushup off of your knees.

Balance Board Burpees

Yay burpees! Squat down, jump back into plank, jump back in, stand and raise the board overhead. Repeat!

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Add balance training to your workouts each week for a stronger core.