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Top 10 Reasons Moms go to Target

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Someone recently said to me, “I don’t understand the obsession with Target.” And I literally couldn’t stop mentally ticking off the reasons NOT to go to Target. Here’s my top ten, in no particular order:

1. Hearth and Hand

I want to get a second job just so I can afford to have Joanna Gaines decorate every room in my house. Not even kidding.

hearth and hand wreath

2. Starbucks

That cup of delicious caffeine and sugar just adds to the shopping experience. Bonus: I don’t have to make it myself.

3. Bathrooms

I can go to Target alone and pee without someone sitting on my lap or narrating every bodily noise I make.

Downside: that is EXACTLY what happens when I use the Target restroom with a child in tow. Add in “Oh my God stop touching everything” for good measure.

4. The new play place

Need to make a doctor’s appointment or call your sister without being interrupted? Let the kids play for 10 minutes.

target play place

5. Dollar Spot

Rest assured Target’s Dollar Spot has a minimum of five things you didn’t even know you needed, at all times.

6. Having everything you need in one place

Milk. Fruit. Diapers. Bras. Towels. Joanna Gaines’ new decorative wreath. All in one shopping trip.

7. Cookies

Target has the most delicious freshly baked cookies in their bakery. I know. My daughter works there and brings them home.

target toll house cookies

8. Customer service

Not talking about the service desk (where you don’t even need your receipt for a return). I mean the friendly employees. Target is the Chick Fil A of shopping.

9. Red Card discount

Why yes, I love saving 5% every time I shop. And the Cartwheel discounts are the cherry on top!

10. Walking around in silence

We moms love our children. We do. But some days, after cluster feeding and diaper explosions and “mommy hold meeeee” for the thousandth time, we just need a break. Being touched out is a thing. Getting an hour away can help reset our emotions and make us happier parents.

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