New Year, New Mom with PinkBlush

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It’s the new year! I’m eating better, drinking my water, and giving my house a makeover. I love the feeling of starting over fresh and new, and my closet wanted it too! Now that I’m over that postpartum slump, I’m ready to feel like ME again.

I know we all hear about “self care” and things we should be doing to take care of ourselves, but sometimes it can be tough! I try to focus on the little things, because sometimes those little things are enough. I use grocery delivery so I don’t have to take the babies to the store. I tell my husband he is on duty for the next 10 minutes so I can shower (and actually shave my legs!). And I occasionally get something new to wear so I’m not always in sweats and t-shirts!

I know I always feel better when I have the time to get dressed for the day. And new clothes always make me feel good! As you can imagine, I was so happy when PinkBlush gifted me a gorgeous dress and top to get my new wardrobe started.

You may think of PinkBlush as just maternity clothing, but they are so much more than that. They actually carry women’s non-maternity clothing as well, plus baby and kids clothes too! I had a few PinkBlush maternity pieces that I loved when I was pregnant with Aren and Rowen, so of course I was excited to keep wearing their brand now that I’m not having more babies.

The Little Black Dress

PinkBlush little black dress for date night

I have to start with this little black dress because it is absolutely my favorite piece of clothing right now. I am always so nervous to order dresses like this online because I’m afraid they won’t look good on me, but this one was a winner! The fabric is so soft and comfy, but doesn’t necessarily look like a casual dress! The length is perfect and the wrap front gives a little extra flair to catch the eye.

For date night, I decided to dress it up a bit with some heels and this necklace that Kaiden gave me for my birthday last year (isn’t he sweet?).

Amanda Seghetti wearing PinkBlush little black dress for date night

I could easily glam it up more with some flashy jewelry and accessories, or dress it down for a PTA event with some flats. Seriously, I’ll find any reason to wear this dress!

The Mocha Dolman Top

I’m going to be honest. I ordered this top with visions of wearing it while snuggling on the couch.

I’m all about comfort, y’all. As if you couldn’t tell.

PinkBlush mocha dolman sweater

Then it arrived and all my preconceived expectations flew out the window. It is CUTE. It’s comfy but not sloppy. Again, this is a piece that can be dressed up OR down.

I first wore it at home, being comfy at Christmastime. We tend to dress up for Christmas Eve service, and I was able to be cute and still cozy.

Then I decided to pair it with some jeans and boots and I thought my teenager was going to steal it from my closet. SO CUTE.

Momblogger Amanda Seghetti wearing PinkBlush mocha dolman sweater holding baby Rowen

I think I’m going to have to find some more places to go besides the grocery store so I have a reason to show off my new clothes!

New Mom!

Now that I’m spending a little more time on myself, I find that I’m feeling so much better! It’s refreshing to pop on a cute dress instead of the same old sweats (or jammies, eep!) all the time. I’ve decided that 2019 is my year, and I am going to live my best life!

What are you doing this year to take care of YOU?

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