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Easy Healthy School Lunches with Mott’s

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Easy Healthy School Lunches

It’s the new year, and I am already working on my own health goals: drinking more water, moving more, and eating nutritious meals. But I’m not the only person in my house who needs to be healthy. My kids’ health is super important, too! Thanks to Target and Mott’s®, we are giving our school lunches an overhaul so my kids can get the Mott’s out of life!

Preparing the Perfect Lunch

Making a school lunch for a toddler can be tricky, but I think I have it perfected. We try to keep it balanced by including one of each of the following:

  • protein
  • fruit
  • veggie
  • grain/carb

Some days we skip one type of food and double up on another (Aren LOVES fruit, so she sometimes gets two), but for the most part this is my lunch plan. Protein may be boiled egg whites, leftover chicken, or sliced lunch meat. Veggies are a challenge, but fortunately she loves green beans and cucumbers! Crackers or pasta are frequent carb/grain options. Fruit is where we have the most fun!

Colorado lifestyle blogger, Amanda Seghetti shares quick and easy healthy school lunches with Mott's! Check it out now to see!

Aren and Kaiden both love fruit, but some mornings are hectic and I don’t have time to wash and chop fresh fruit. That’s why I always keep my fridge drawer stocked with Mott’s Applesauce! It’s quick and easy to grab and toss in the lunchbox for a healthy, no-fuss option!

Sending my babes with a balanced lunch ensures that they have the right fuel to be on top of their game all day!

Snack Time can be Healthy Too

Rest assured that when a kid walks in the door after school, they suddenly act like they haven’t eaten in three years. It never fails.

So it’s best to be prepared with plenty of easy and healthy options that they can grab for themselves! Chopped veggies and hummus, whole grain crackers and cheese, and nut butters with fruit slices are all great options. Of course, Mott’s Applesauce is typically what they reach for! Apparently fish-shaped crackers dipped in applesauce is a thing. Who knew?

Colorado lifestyle blogger, Amanda Seghetti shares quick and easy healthy school lunches with Mott's! Check it out now to see!

Whatever they choose, I want to make sure they have plenty to drink as well. Not only do I want their bodies to stay hydrated, but I want them to have the nutrition and energy boost they need to power through tricky homework. Mott’s 100% Juice is a great choice, and they love the way it tastes!

Target Cartwheel Savings

Aren loves to help me shop at Target, and of course I don’t complain. Target is the best place for healthy snacking and getting back into routine. But before you head off to Target to stock up on Mott’s products and other healthy ingredients, check your Cartwheel! You can get 10% off Mott’s sauce cups and pouches with Target Cartwheel in the Target app.

Motts products are the perfect snack for my kiddos throughout the day, and I love that Mott’s provides a healthy snack solution for them at every stage of their development. From Aren all the way up to Hunter, Mott’s is always a go-to in our home. Be sure to grab your favorite Mott’s products at Target or

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