Celebrating Small Wins

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Moms can all agree on one thing: being a mom is a tough job! We have so much to do each day. Shuttling kids, doing laundry, washing dishes, planning meals… If we wrote out a to-do list, it would be a mile long! That’s why I’ve decided to start celebrating small wins each day. I deserve it!

Caught up on all the laundry? That’s a small win.

Finally cleared all the clutter from my dresser? Another small win.

Walked 3/4 of a mile (the distance around my neighborhood) with the kids? Any physical activity is a win in my book!

We often find that we put so much pressure on ourselves to do it ALL, and then in the end we get frustrated because we CAN’T do it all! But when you focus on what you can do, every small part of your day, you end up feeling much more positive and satisfied!

Try looking through your list of things to do, and break them down into manageable pieces. Don’t worry about running every errand today, if you can only accomplish one. If you want to do a full workout but you can only squeeze in 15 minutes, count that as a win!

How can I celebrate small wins?

Treat yo’ self!

When I accomplish a task at home, I let myself enjoy one more cup of coffee while it’s still hot.

Nailed a presentation at work? Celebrate by spending some time after work with friends.

Successfully shuttled the kids to every ball game, dance practice, and music lesson on time? Spend a few extra minutes relaxing on the porch while they play. Breathe in the fresh air and sense of accomplishment!

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How do you celebrate the small wins in your life? Comment below!

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