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A Month of Whole30 Recipes – Week 2

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This Whole30 post contains some affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog!

Here we are, week 2 already! You may be getting over that initial slump (because that detox “flu” is no joke!) and starting to feel like your normal self again. I’m here to help make week 2 a little easier for you so that you can continue to be successful!

If you missed Week 1 recipes, click HERE.

Whole30 Recipes

A few tips for this week:

  • Sometimes I am very generic with veggies as a side. That’s because I typically buy whatever is in season and on sale. It may be cabbage, broccoli, squash, zucchini, peppers, or just a salad. You want to have a veggie with every meal, but it doesn’t need to be something found on the south side of a Chilean mountain that you can’t pronounce! You also don’t need to go broke trying to buy groceries. Get what you like and what you can afford. Even frozen or canned is fine, just read the labels!
  • I am a busy mom, so easy meals are KEY to keep me sane. I try to use my slow cooker when I can, and many of my dinners are repurposed for breakfast or lunch. Read ahead and cook extras! Save time in the kitchen so you can do other things.
  • Did you know there’s a Whole30 Fast & Easy cookbook? Me neither!
  • If you forget to turn on the slow cooker or forget ingredients for dinner or just have an off day – Chipotle now offers Whole30 salad bowls!! YES! We actually resorted to this option last week (I forgot to make my slow cooker beef, go figure). You have to order online for pickup or delivery, and they are only available for a limited time. BUT if you know what the key ingredients are, you can order in store anytime.

Ok, on to this week’s meal plan:

Day 8

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with bacon and avocado, wilted spinach

Lunch – Salad with lettuce, peppers, leftover meat, carrots, broccoli, apples

Dinner – Chicken lettuce tacos (romaine lettuce topped with shredded chicken, shredded carrots, cilantro, and avocado drizzle)

Day 9

Breakfast – Plantain and bacon fritters, veggies

Lunch – Leftover chicken over a salad

Dinner – Paleo Squash and Sausage Bake

Day 10

Breakfast – Leftover squash and sausage

Lunch – Salad with tuna and chopped apples (I prefer Safe Catch low mercury tuna)

Dinner – Sauteed garlic shrimp and collard greens (minus the grits) with spicy zucchini

Day 11

Breakfast –Chicken breast tenders wrapped in bacon, side of veggies and fruit

Lunch – Lazy lunch: Boiled eggs, assorted raw veggies, berries

Dinner – Mini meatloaf muffins with oven roasted potato wedges and sauteed green beans

Day 12

Breakfast –Hash brown potatoes with peppers, onions, and leftover meat

Lunch – Snack plate: proscuitto, almonds, assorted raw veggies, dill pickles, olives, fruit, homemade paleo ranch and paleo guac

Dinner – Salmon cakes with a side salad FULL of veggies

Day 13

Breakfast – Oven baked Denver omelet

Lunch – Ranch chicken salad (with or without Brussels sprouts)

Dinner – Buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potato, side of crudite

Day 14

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, leftover buffalo chicken, mushrooms, shredded carrots, avocado, cilantro

Lunch – Applegate farms organic hot dog, oven “fries” and side salad (because sometimes lunch needs to be easy!)

Dinner – Chicken, lime, and avocado soup (from Whole30 slow cooker cookbook)

Want this meal plan in chart form? Click HERE.

You’re halfway there!

After tomorrow we are at the halfway point of this program! If you want extra resources and support, make sure to check out our Whole30 Challengers page on Facebook! Stay healthy!

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